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Specialized Criminal Defense Lawyer with Emergency Hotline in Zurich/Switzerland

Expert for Criminal Law, Fraud, Money laundering, narcotics, libel and false accusation

Attorney Marc Schmid is a criminal defense lawyer in Zurich / Switzerland who defends accused persons from the time of first interrogation by the police and the public prosecutor’s office and subsequently in court. Marc Schmid’s legal practice offers legal advice in Russian and Belarussian thanks to the support of Anastasiya. Marc speaks English, German, French and Italian.

Attorney from the First Hour

Is your house being searched? Have you, or your relative or friend been arrested? Are you suspected of a crime? Marc Schmid will protect your rights as a defense lawyer.
When people or companies are caught up in the web of the investigating authorities, they need qualified advice and assistance from an experienced criminal lawyer at the earliest possible stage. In view of the massive state intervention in criminal proceedings, the defender performs an important protection and control function in the interests of his clients.


  • Violent Crimes
  • Relationship problems;
  • Financial crimes;
  • Narcotics law (BetmG) / drug offences;
  • Road traffic offences; and
  • Deportations

Marc Schmid defends clients in the above mentioned fields of law. He is therefore as familiar with current case law as he is with the relevant institutions in the police and judiciary.

Contact him 

Whatever your legal needs are, Marc Schmid is there for you as quickly as possible and also in emergencies. He is available for a personal conversation. Put your defense in his hands if you want discreet representation and do not want to compromise in the criminal proceedings. Please contact his team to arrange a meeting.


The costs of representation are borne either by the state or directly by the clients. In individual cases, this depends on whether the law requires a defense to be appointed. This is only the case for more serious crimes. What is also crucial is what the client’s income and financial situation looks like. The assumption of costs is also influenced by whether an acquittal is ultimately achieved. In the case of direct payment by the client, a fee agreement is made. There are no hidden charges on the bill.